Guest Feature: Meet Mrs Trowsse – A Nigerian, living in South Korea.

Fun fact: I am a Korean freak and stumbling on her page on Instagram made my curiosity on how she lives there increased.

In today’s blog post we have Mrs Esiri Trowsse, Nigerian lady living in South Korea and yes she is married to a British Man. Here are few questions we asked and the responses provided!

Q: Please introduce yourself.

A: Hi, my name is Emuesiri Trowsse, I’m Nigerian, born and raised but currently living in South Korea with my husband.

Q: When did you move to South Korea and why did you ?

A: I moved here February 2018, and moved here to be with my husband as we are newlyweds.

Q: What part of South Korea do you live in ?

A: I live in Gwanju.

Q: Have you attained the Korean citizenship status?

A: I don’t have a Korean citizenship yet, I’m currently here on a spousal visa.

Q: What do you do for a living?

A: I am currently freelancing as a social media influencer.

Q: Has living in Korea been productive ?

A: Its’s been a beautiful experience so far.

Q:How have you been surviving regarding food,language and interacting with Koreans.

A: At first the language barrier was very hard, but as time goes on you just get used to it, and also learn words to help go by your day. As per food, I Love Korean food and it’s been lovely.

Q: Is there racism ? And if there is, has this affected you in any way?

A: Not really, but I do get stares here as a foreigner, especially as a black person, because there aren’t a lot of black people here.

Q: What do you like about Korea?

A: I love the culture, food, the people.

Q: Do you like their food?  which one is your best and can you cook any ?

Ans: I love Korean food, Kimchi Bokkeumbap is my favorite food, and I also love Kimbap.

Q: Is the weather friendly

A: The summer is very hot and humid, and the winter is quite cold too lol.

Q: Are there job opportunities in Korea?

A: Yes, most job for foreigners here is teaching. Most of the foreigners here are teachers, there’s a lot of teaching opportunities.

Q: Do you like the Korean culture?

Ans: Yes I do.

Q: Have you visited the namsan tower, Jeju island as seen in Korean dramas or any other tourism center?

A: Not yet, but will be visiting Jeju In November, can’t wait and I have visited Damyang.

Q: How were you able to interact the first time you got to Korea.

A: It wasn’t that difficult, because the Koreans I knew could speak English so it wasn’t difficult for me.

Q: Do you have any website or YouTube link that you share your opinions on?

A: Yes I do .

And my Instagram down here !

Q: It was great to have you featured on our platform and we wish you the best as you continue your stay in South Korea.

A: I’m glad to be featured and Once more, thanks for reaching out to me for this opportunity.

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