Greetings and Happy new month !

Yes, the holiday went fast like a marathon race and school resumption has dawned on us but the sad thing is while we are in school , the months will move like a snail. Life and it’s tournaments lol !

Relating to the post, the year has been mixed with seven spoons of good and ten spoons of bad along side August was dreadful! It had good days but bad days were more . The following events took place for me in August with each of them having the good and bad days and I always walked around with any of this faces every day.


21 Gun salutes to every business owners out there because it’s not easy. The moment you take a decision to start a business especially in Nigeria, you are running a race with lots of potholes and hurdles. August 1st I looked around at the flatlays I had taken out of boredom or by choice and they were appealing enough. I created a pitch and sent to skincare brands to help take product pictures ignoring the fact that I don’t have enough props and equipment.

A few read, replied with I will get back to you, some planned a date for their shoots towards December, some ignored. Some felt I was going to run away with their products, some belittled my abilities just because I don’t use a DSLR camera, and some reduced my charges to a very painful amount. With all these I was able to work for three brands and yes! I was paid and appreciated.


Ever since I got a blog domain and self hosting service, a great change came up despite my inconsistent post I had more views with the help of making contents with good Search Engine Optimization. I achieved a total of 3000 views just with 5 posts, more visitors and more subscribers and the comment section increased with more thoughts and opinions on the posts and with this all I can say is THANK YOU ! And I will work on my inconsistency .


I have always wanted to do this but I had no idea on how to go about it. My team and I discussed, drafted plans then proceeded to sending mails for sponsorship and support. But with the way most people in the country feel everything is a scam made things difficult in getting donations. The charity is to help feed struggling children living in a slum in Lagos and so far so good with a lot of convincing people to donate, a positive side came up, few donations came in and we are pushing forward. We also urge our readers to help donate with the information on the poster. Thank you !


In February, I mentioned learning a trade during the holidays on my previous site and eventually it was Fashion designing although I wanted photography. Learning Fashion designing had its own hurdles also but a post will be made another day. I enrolled for a 3 months class and at the beginning of my second month while I was still struggling to sew a skirt, the boom of the canon came and I was asked to sew a dress for a fashion show which will serve as my first project.

I was afraid, scared and confused because I wasn’t sure and ready for such work with my little ideas. I cried to opt out but I was advised, assisted a little to create the dress after working days and nights to create the piece. It was STRESSFUL!


With all these that happened, I took steps on building my self. Learning how to be patient while dealing with brands. Helping my mindset to be positive and to stay calm. I planned more about product photography, made researches, purchased more props from the money I made, sent messages to other brands and also check on them once in a while. I also learnt how to let go anytime brands reject my offer.

Take responsibilities and follow them up. I made my plans into a journal from @justjournal_ng on Instagram and tried getting closer to God with the help of a prayer journal from @papertownng from Instagram too.


Bridesmaids duties for the bride on blue was fun and exciting. We had been look forward to this day with so many plannings and finally she got the ring. I met more beautiful faces and also tears rolled down again as I watched her walk down aisle. Yes more to eat and dance was also Included ❤️.

Yess ! Cutting my hair was a difficult decision to take but I just had to do it to slay on a budget and it has been fun walking around with short hair and getting compliments on it and finally I can pour water on my head any time.

With all these events I had to remind my self to start preparing for school and I’m still shocked at how fast the holiday flew.

I hope September is filled with better days and will like to know your comments on what August felt like for you .

Hello, welcome to the Vineyard and lets tour while I sharpen the blades of my pen through writing.


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