We got intense and forgot to lock the kitchen door then someone came in.

It was my sister in- law. She had just arrived from my late husband’s hospital. After the death she took over the management although she was a nurse who had been working right from time so she had more experiences on how to direct and take charge.

I and Banjo had separated from eachother as he escaped through the back door luckily. I greeted her and she scanned her eyes all over my body, because I had messy hair and squeezed clothe. She asked why I was looking scattered then I explained I had just woken up to prepare my own meal.

She tried asking more questions but luckily, Banjo called her to the living room. Immediately after she left I adjusted my self, heaved a sigh of relief and mumbled that was close to my self.

The maid got back with the groceries and I asked why she got home early. She explained the road was traffic free. I collected the groceries and we started cooking. After cooking, I walked into the living room and met Banjo and my sister in law discussing then I went up to my room and texted Banjo to meet me In my room.

Meanwhile, he had left his phone in the kitchen and my illiterate made ran off to the living room to give my sister in law thinking it was her phone that beeped. My sister in law collected the phone and the message notification from me glared with i think she caught us making out we have to talk about this in my room.

This was when the boom of the canon had set loose

Banjo entered my room and I felt he had gotten my text. I asked him if he saw it he replied he was not with his phone. I rolled my eyes and asked if he could remember where he left it then he made turns to leave and check if it was at the kitchen. As he was about opening the door, my sister in law came in then my jaw dropped.

She looked at us with scorn and disdain but I had the greatest look from her. She handed the phone to Banjo, made a loud hiss and walked away.

Her brother ran after her while I sat and started thinking of how to get my self out of this mess I had gotten my self into.

Banjo caught up with her and tried to talk but he had received 3 hot slaps from her in the twinkling of an eye.

I felt them from where I stood and imagined the pain but a bigger pain was on its way already. He took them in with respect but was forced to not return the slaps on her flat cheeksand tried explaining but she shut him up to keep the explanation and save them for their mother.

He begged her to keep this secret and she agreed to it.

He came back to my room and told me everything was fine and if she tries leaking the secret he would have her eliminated. We talked more about our plans and made a call to one of the killers to prepare ahead In killing of my sister in law Incase she made funny moves.

We left my room and The twins got back from school with their usual noise which woke their grandma up.

They got cleaned up, fed and got assisted with their assignments with Banjo. I got called my mother in law to her room and found her daughter with her again. My heart skipped multiple beats as she gave me that evil look again.

Their mother asked if I got a call from the police and I replied No. Then I made a turn to leave and my sister in law mumbled very soon the cat will be out of the bag.

I looked at her and my mother in law asked what she was talking about and she replied very soon you will know.

I left the room to look for Banjo to tell him we actually need to act fast and clear his sister out of the way without knowing she followed me stylishly.

I found him and we rushed to the stairway where we talked about the plans then made a call to the killer again and doom spelled on us.

My mother in law and her daughter had listened to our conversation, made a recording and luckily for them the police had arrived to make further investigation about my husband’s death but it seems work got easier for them as I and Banjo got handed over to them immediately.

My mother in law couldn’t do anything but cry she kept on screaming Folawe‘s name. The police got the answers to their questions and they made steps in arresting the killers while they took us to the station.

We got filed to court and we got our sentences and judgements.

The killers were sentenced to death while I and Banjo had jail sentences of 21 years.

I cried heavily any time the kids visited me at the prison. Banjo committed suicide, he couldn’t take the torture and pain anymore. I was left alone with my own tears which was no longer at the funeral but now doubled at the Prison.

Thank you for reading.

With love ,

Hello, welcome to the Vineyard and lets tour while I sharpen the blades of my pen through writing.


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