Düst to dust,

Ash to ash,

I held my four year old twins as their father was laid down the grave and the hymn “How great thou art“ was sung as the symphony followed up.

Family members, friends and faces of humans I had not seen before showed up and tears rolled down their weak and swollen eyes. I don’t even know if they were here to offer their condolences or maybe to eat the jollofrice prepared for the reception.

I and my kids dressed in black with their grandmother included with her younger children all dressed in black as we all stood to pay the last respect to my darling husband OMOFOLAWE RICHARD ANTHONY who was a fearless man, well built with all the desirable features every woman would want in a man. I met him while I was almost rounding up with my university.

He was a rich doctor with his own hospital and riches showed on him wherever he went to , kindhearted, intelligent, and always ready to take actions into whatever life gives to him and he pleased me internally and externally always shifting my womb anytime we had to tear and ramble up on the sheets that laid on our bed whenever we had to set our game on with my loud moans coming out of my tiny throat and thank God the walls of our room was sound proofed if not the neighbors would have filed a report to the agencies.

As the casket was dropped down the grave I felt happy at last because my plans went fine and it’s time to take over and elope to US with the man I wanted to myself Banjo, My late husband’s younger brother.

He was a great dad to the twins, Jide and Tolani. He tried to be fair with them, gave them attention whenever they needed it no matter how tired he was, he spoilt them with the best affection, holidays to any part of the world, made sure they attended one of the best schools and was always ready to raise the correcting hands on them whenever they unleash their stubbornness .

With all these good attributes he had I was not satisfied, I was jealous, greedy .

I wanted all his properties to my self and I believed he was cheating on me with those nurses in his hospital. His immediate younger brother BANJO, was also jealous he wanted me to himself meanwhile I had dated him during my younger days at the university but OMOFOLAWE snatched me off from him with his riches and goodies in him.

I still loved Banjo even after I got married to His elder brother we would meet up and talk at length then the next minute we are tearing the sheets again although Banjo is the father of the twins but the secrets are under the carpet. Luckily for me Banjo had the same greedy Instincts of taking over the properties which led to the planning of killing his brother.

We had him killed. Banjo tried to make sure it was a clean job as he paid the killers perfect amount of money.

Regardless the good things he had he didn’t believe there was God and never attended church services, and anytime I bring up the idea of religion a little fight would come up and I think this made his killing easier for me.

As we left the cemetery I and the kids were taken to the family house with his mother because according to tradition it was a taboo to be present at the reception since his death came at a very young age. The siblings took over the reception while I was cleaning my crocodile tears.

My mother-in-law had the feeling her son‘s death was not natural but she tried to stay put since she had no evidence. The police also tried to get involved but Banjo asked them to stop investigations since the deed happened already and it was no point the investigation would raise the dead.

The reception ended and I was asked to move to the family house for easy monitoring while I mourned my husband. The kids were also taken care of by my husband’s younger sister Joke the last born. She was not on my good sides, she had been against my marriage with her elder brother but that wasn’t my problem if she tries messing up my plans I would have her killed also.

I and Banjo had time for our escapades as we would do them at the room I stayed in Since I couldn’t go out according to the mourning rites carried out on me. We would have sex and also talk about how would enjoy our selves once the rites becomes over. He would play with the twins and ask them to call him Daddy but I would stop them since it was too early to do so.

This fateful day, the cat was almost out of the bag as doom would spell on me immediately. I was preparing my food that morning, everyone had gone to work, my mother in law was sleeping in her room, the twins were at school. I was alone with Banjo and the maid but I asked her to get me groceries from the supermarket far from the house. I was not going to need the groceries but I just wanted the maid to leave the house for I and Banjo to have time for each other. She left the house and Banjo caught up with me in the kitchen and the game began

We got intense and forgot to lock the kitchen door then someone came in.

Thank you for reading.

Hello, welcome to the Vineyard and lets tour while I sharpen the blades of my pen through writing.


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