This letter is not a hate letter. I repeat, this letter is not a hate letter. You might wonder what I mean by my statement. You will understand in the latter part of this letter.

Before I dive into my reason for writing this letter, I want you to understand that this letter is meant to convey my personal emotions and it would be of great joy if this letter is read with an open mind, instead of with personal feelings and it’s not stating if I’m a Virgin or not which is my decision to expose if I want to.

I feel very proud of you when you speak of how you are keeping your virginity till marriage or till whenever.

It’s really a huge task, especially since we are in a world that relishes in its sexual energy. It’s not easy to stand against sexual temptation while having growing sexual urges. I once again credit you for your strong stand in your virginity.

The only problem I have is the reason behind your incessant public declarations of your virginity. Remember I said INCESSANT.

Now I am also aware that people comment about their personal sexual prowess in the public also, social media included. I know how they make you feel inferior because you are not into the ‘trend’. You have decided to come and be proud of it, no matter what anyone says.

You have refused to let anyone make you feel inferior because of you are keeping your virginity. You feel it’s the right thing to do and being mocked because of what you believe in never feels nice. So you come out and proudly tell the whole world that you are a virgin.

Now, I want you to understand that commenting about your sexual life in public is not very advisable because most people will find it totally unnecessary and offensive. You professing your virginity status doesn’t make you any different from those boasting about their sexual prowess.

You may think your confession might be a source of motivation to others; it is good to spread your belief. But at the same time, there are people who are just tired of hearing you go on and on about your virginity status. To others, you are just like someone who boasts about his or her sexual prowess.

To be very honest, we really do not care if anyone is a virgin or not. You dropping that information outside is only drawing unwarranted attention to yourself. You can encourage virginity without disclosing yours publicly. I think anything about your sexual life should be kept private, whether you’re a virgin or not.

Another problem is the reason people give for keeping their virginity. Do not mistake me; I encourage people to keep their virginity also. But I have a huge problem with people who encourage virginity for wrong purposes. I heard a woman once say “all virgins have good marriages.” This is the most preposterous lie I have ever heard about virginity. I do get the fact that she really wanted to pass the importance of keeping virginity,

But! That line was just out of it!!!

And being a virgin or not is a CHOICE based on your belief or what decisions or circumstances that might have led you to arriving at your sexual instincts.

Dear virgins, whether one is a virgin or not doesn’t secure his or her marriage. They will say “Your spouse won’t trust you because you were not married as a virgin. Your spouse will always think you’re cheating.” Let me tell you now, even those who married as virgins cheat.

If your spouse doesn’t trust you, then I think you must have dropped signs leading him or her to believe that. Anybody using lack of virginity as an excuse of mistrust definitely has trust issues. We are in a world where no one really cares if you’re a virgin or not.

The only true reason I’ve heard about why people keep their virginity is because of their faith. Some people believe their religion stands for keeping virginity till marriage. Others believe their religion doesn’t mind. Other reasons given were just too preposterous. So please do not condemn others because their faith doesn’t go in line with yours. Practice your faith and if you do want to spread your belief, do it with wisdom.

All of your proclaiming your virginity and making others that are not virgins feel bad or go as far as judging them since you don’t know how their reasons behind it like you have a guaranteed good marriage or life, or a special sit in heaven because of it, please just stop it!! It’s bad, sensitive and not necessary to do that. Please be humane.We really do not care or have gifts to give you. It’s your life and your instincts.

Virgin or Not Virgin you are human and should live your life appropriately.

Hello, welcome to the Vineyard and lets tour while I sharpen the blades of my pen through writing.


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