Ramadan ended few weeks ago but it’s not too late to drop the chronicles from a friend.This Ramadan was my best so far. Few days before it began, I went home from school and although I was having a kind of mixed feeling, thinking of how I’d get used to not eating for a month. But I looked forward to the hunger pangs, the bustle to cook, the Tahjuds, the Iftar feasts and oh the ever lovely morning sleep that becomes an entitlement once you’re fasting. But Allah forgive me, I didn’t look forward to Taraweeh.

Being at home fasting was easy, there wasn’t much to do since their chores were reduced.I learnt a lot of things during this Ramadan but note this do not fast while you travel.” Because, it took a toll on me. Ilorin is a 5 hour journey and I didn’t see it as much traveling but I became pale with car sickness and on getting to ilorin I could have fried.I’ve had experience of fasting in school but in a different way. I wasn’t totally on my own and my secondary school being a Christian school with just about 30% of the population as Muslims was quite understanding during Ramadan.

Especially to sleeping students it was excusable that they’ve been awake for a while and the required sleep hours were not completed so at times the teachers allowed students to visit the sick bay when they were too sleepy for a class. I was among those students; given that I also had a very good rapport with the school nurse, I had a special bed nobody could sleep on.

I also had few moments that I missed. Usually I wake up myself, even at home but those rare oversleeping moments or “no strength” moments when my mum would come into the room and shove me awake; I missed them. The already prepared sahur and the joy of eating another sahur surrounded by a table filled with family. I also missed the indecisiveness that ran around in house that subjected my mum to making swallow everyday.

I missed having someone wake me after my 2 hours morning sleep to go to school; I’m lucky with my timetable this semester, I only have one morning class so I had to train myself to getting up early on Tuesdays to avoid missing lectures. Also, I missed the peace and tranquility of the mosque in my house. Although, anywhere can become your holy place but it won’t be as what you’re used to.
There were times when strength failed me and even as I prayed, I couldn’t quite wrap my mind around what I was asking for. I just knew I was praying and there were times where my heart and head swelled so much I shed tears. Ramadan is not just you denying yourself food; its about you denying yourself everything that could lead you to sinning. It is refraining from worldly things, refraining from talking too much, using heavy languages.

Ramadan is the period when all the doors of heaven are open and all your requests are accepted, it is the period where the devil is chained and is unable to whisper into the heart of men and you’ll ask why people still sin during Ramadan. My thesis is ;over the years, man has gradually become the devil that misleads himself. Wahlai, I’m not a saint. I know I sinned during Ramadan but every morning I poured my heart to Allah, told him to cleanse me of my previous sins. I told Him a lot of things and when tremors of fear shook me Iknew he was listening.

Cooking during Ramadan is actually more difficult than cooking on a normal day. On a normal day you can decide to Start your cooking anytime. Afterall, you can decide to eat whenever you feel like but during Ramadan you have to think Sahur and Iftar and you have to time it. You don’t want to eat just anything for Sahur, it has to be something that would hold you for at least half the period ; although some people don’t eat for Sahur.

Its Sunnah {act of the prophet Muhammad (pbuh)} to eat enough before commencing your fast. Also for Iftar, you don’t want to eat just anything and also not late. You’ve been fasting for hours and you’ve been seeing people eat, stirring up your appetite. Food you don’t eat on a normal day becomes appealing and you want to eat special by the time you break which you mentally start a countdown for.
I often found myself sitting and wondering what to cook, I’m someone who doesn’t like cooking much but I enjoy the results I get from cooking. I would have made a food time table but the amount of food channels I stumble across in a day would usually disrupt my mind and I’ll have to settle for the food with ingredients.

Ramadan passed shockingly fast, before we all knew it. It was last 10 days. The days of anticipation, the days of endless prayers, the days amongst which is the night of majesty ; king of all nights, The night better than a thousand nights, the night where everyone reaching out to God for a favour is answered, The most beautiful night that exhilarates man to the zenith of holiness. This beautiful night is usually looked forward to by many. It usually falls among the odd number days of the last ten days like 21,23… 29. I get amazed when a date is picked for Lailatul Qadr, its an unpredictable night.

In the time of the prophet (pbuh) , it was revealed to him and he was made to forget but he remembered it was among the odd days of the last 10. If the prophet could forget, how then can we predict it? Which is why in these last 10 days, we are all advised to tighten the seat belts of our prayer cars and zoom our prayers with the velocity of light(pardon me if I exaggerate a little) . But, we are all advised to pray more in this period. I don’t know when Lailatul qadr was but I prayed in all the odd nights and by Allah, my prayers will be answered. Amin.

With all the weariness and school stress I gave my best during this Ramadan Although I was lazy with the Quran and Taraweeh, my Tahjud was intact. Ramadan has passed, we are not expected to go back to old ways we are expected to continue in the ways we adopted during Ramadan. May Allah make it easy for us all.

Hello, welcome to the Vineyard and lets tour while I sharpen the blades of my pen through writing.


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