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This post is a bit longg but try getting through it ❤️

Women have problems with this generation, ranging from gender discrimination to body shaming and sexual harassment, to list a few. And women of this generation are ready to fight back against the society and its rules.

Against being put down or told to be or act a particular way because they possess a different anatomy. It is very funny that with how glaring the effects of these problems are on women, some people still insist that societal laws must be followed mainly because “that’s the way things go.”

And I always ask them who set the societal rules, these things are cultures and culture is made by man and culture can be changed! Let’s take for example, killing of twins was a societal rule, that didn’t make it right

Well thanks to God,

Mary Slessor stood up against this rule, it was destroyed. This encourages me because I’ve personally heard from people who tell me equality between the genders can NEVER happen. Well, I’m sure there are a lot of rules which we thought would NEVER be destroyed (another one is the legalisation of homosexualism in most part of the world) and they have been.

So with hope of starting this revolution, even if we do not get to experience that world of equality we long for, at least our children will. They would not be subjected or limited by any rule. In a world where anyone is free to be what he or she wants to be without the thought of how the society will react.

I was never aware of the high number of people against gender equality until I started speaking out about my opinions. I was hit with backlashes. Then, I decided to do more studies on the reaction of these people. And it was a very funny conclusion I got. I finally realised that one of the root problems of body shaming, gender discrimination and sexual harassment is WOMEN!

Yes I said it.

W O M E N.

We are the foundation of our problems. Now I know that you must be very confused and highly curious on what I’m trying to point out. It is good that you’re curious, I’ll explain better.

Let’s take some practical examples around us.

Sandra puts on the dress she wore last week Sunday to church the following Sunday.

I would definitely tell you that a man would most likely NEVER notice. And even if he does notice, he has no problem with it. Some women are like this too.

But you see the other set of women.

Woman 1: come Sandra, isn’t this the dress you wore last week?

Sandra: Yes, I decided to wear it again because the one I planned to wear, it’s zip got ruined this morning “

Woman 2: The dress even brings out your big stomach. Sandra, you should trim. You’re looking so big and you’re just 24. Men don’t like this at all( like they know the inner mind of all the men in the world)

These statements start to leave Sandra worried. She suddenly starts to feel the urge to look the way the women said because that’s what “the men want”, as stated by the WOMEN, NOT THE MEN.

Another practical example.

Aduke just almost got sexually assaulted by her boss. She runs to her friend, Chinoye, another employee in the company for advice.

Aduke: Chinoye, you won’t believe that during the meeting yesterday, Mr Remi tried slipping his hand into my skirt.

Chinoye: And what did you do?

Aduke: I slapped his hand away of course. I’m on my way to report to the board of directors. This is sexual harassment.

Chinoye: Board of directors? And you think they would believe you? My advice my dear is to bear with it. You know men can get a bit handsy. You can not blame them. It is the testosterone running in their blood. You just have to bear.

Aduke: okay my dear friend. Thank you very much.

And she keeps holding in, causing emotional damage to herself.

Now, some women on the other hand will boldly take the hand of Aduke and march into the board of directors office to report, instead of allowing a man to be a “man”. So men who don’t sexually harass other women are not men?

Why are women thinking this way? A fellow woman should ALWAYS stand up for her fellow woman when she is facing discrimination. These things begin from little when the well dressed girl wouldn’t want to hang out with the nerd.

Going to when the queen bee of high school wouldn’t want to hang out with the fat girl, because she isn’t rocking a body bomb(by her own description, she feels slim girls have banging bodies. That’s HER perception, not everyone’s).

To when the women single out another woman who was caught cheating on her husband (like they themselves are saints). Now I am aware this goes on with men too, but my post is mainly directed to the female gender.

I hope for a world where women would come together and love each other. Women of different sizes, shapes, colours and races loving each other for who they are. Less condemning. Less comments making silly conclusions about what men want. Generalizing from the minute number of men you’ve met to the millions of men all over the world.

I won’t lie when I say I am shocked at the behaviour of the females of this generation. We have so many money thirsty vision less females. Women who are so lazy and are just waiting to get married to a rich man. Women don’t want to work anymore, but then they all come out and shout for equality.

When I see women like this, I tell them to shut up! If you want equality, you have to be prepared to be treated like a man. Yes. He won’t open the door for you, open it yourself. He won’t stand up for you to seat, take it like that.

Even if he wants to do it, he will be doing it for you as a human, not a woman. THAT IS WHAT EQUALITY IS CALLED! If you want equality, then take it full force. Not that you shout equality but then you expect him to wait for you to open the door for you to enter the car ( my dear, are both of your hands paining you). Work women work! WOOORRRKK!

So, this goes out to the women. We are each other’s sisters, let’s act it. Take care of your fellow woman. Fight against inequality together. Change your perceptions and goals to be more visionary and beneficial to everyone.

Train your daughters to be ambitious than to be wives( being a wife is a natural thing to females, we don’t have to be taught. You can’t teach her about men, because you’re both married to different men).

Let’s train the young ones to be great women. To be great leaders whose eyes will see a world of equality. Let’s start putting this in them as we also redefine our perceptions. And I hope our generation would have a lot of strong selfless visionary women.

Hello, welcome to the Vineyard and lets tour while I sharpen the blades of my pen through writing.


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