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I looked at the CEO of JTD Oil and Gas company with gloomy eyes, my heart skipped a beat as he searched his table for his files, beads of sweat formed around my head and they dropped peacefully on my wrist despite the fact the Air conditioner was blowing at the highest degree ,

He kept on searching frantically for God knows what but I kept on waiting in faith for Good news to come out of this frantic search . As he kept on searching , his forehead had the usual wrinkles and his white designer shirt was still glittering with neatness, his cufflins and wedding ring shone perfectly .

I adjusted my seat to regain balance while I wiped my sweat and wondered if my employment letter has been prepared since I had submitted my CV the previous week and I have been called for my interview which was today. I replayed a video of how far I had prepared for the Interview in my head then some episodes of my tribulations cut short my thoughts.

Few months back…..

She dropped the tray of food on the small stool in front of me, her hands trembled as she opened the dishes to display what she had prepared then she turned to walk away while I looked at her in disgust.

After taking the first spoon of the food, I choked and coughed out after chewing. She rushed back with a cup of water which I drank immediately and after drinking I rushed a few blows down her stomach not knowing she was 7 months pregnant.

She pleaded for mercy but another set of slaps and kicks were distributed on her face and belly suddenly hefty hands pulled me from her . I turned to look for the hands but they were gone she rushed into the room and I was still wondering where the hands came from . I kicked the stool with anger and chattering sounds of plated breaking echoed in the living room.

I went to the room and watched her clean her body as she sobbed quietly .

She was having folds on her sides, the six cornrows on her head had turned grey from the sides, her breasts were full and plumpy then my eyes caught a glimpse of the slope on her belly. I asked if she was getting fat but she replied she was pregnant.

My mouth dropped with awe as she explained how I had not noticed the chronicles of the pregnancy which was a result of the last intercourse we had since I lost my job. I felt a pinch in my heart as guilt wrapped me up because I alredy considered her as a barren since she had not conceived in our six years of marriage.

Getting retrenched from my place of work made me to develop foreign hatred for her and the pressure from my family members to get married to another wife worsened it .

I would go out early morning and come back drunk and she would still suffer violence underneath. She had suffered a lot , cooked meals , and still do her chores but I didn’t care to ask where she got money from to take care of me and the baby in her.

Most times I would see her cry and pray but my ignorance on not knowing if a God exists grew stronger because if he actually exists my job won’t go down the drain.

I spent most of my last salary on alcohol, cigarettes and girls. Meanwhile my wife had sold almost all her jewelries and clothes to pay the house rent and to man up the remaining responsibilities.

She dressed up hurriedly to clear up the mess I had made earlier. After leaving I knelt down to cry, I cried and hit myself because I knew I was no longer a man she was the man , she had done far and beyond. She rushed in to the room and tried stopping me from hurting myself the more . I was too ashamed to look at her .

She cried, I cried, we cried….

After the series of wails, I found my self asking her forgiveness but she told me to direct them to God . I was still stubborn in doing that but I had to. In asking for forgiveness I asked for a new job and if he , God will give me a new one I will turn a new leaf and take him as mine again.

I thanked her and changed towards her, I appreciated her the more and took the last of my money to get her new clothes and things for baby. She blessed me when she saw them and peace came over. I saved my marriage.

The CEO brought me back to reality as he handed me a white envelope with a smile on his face, I wondered if he followed me in my flashbacks then urged me to open the envelope. I opened it and my eyes scrolled past the company’s address then it caught the letter heading which read Employment.

I looked at him and he announced I had been offered the post of the managing the director of the company. I couldn’t hold my self from the shock but all I could say was THANK GOD. After thanking the CEO my phone rang then I picked. It was a female voice she asked if I was my Lolade’s husband (my wife) and I replied yes. Then the news that my wife had given birth gave tears as it rolled down my cheeks .

She told me the hospital address and I dropped the call . The CEO congratulated me again as presented two keys to me,one indicated a brand new car and the other was a house key. My joy got doubled and I started doubting if everything was real. I couldn’t thank him enough.

I drove happily to the hospital and was shown the baby ward. I saw the cot and it was a girl, she looked exactly like her mother as she held my index finger tightly. I asked for her mother but the doctor’s face changed as he broke the news of her death to me. She had internal injuries from the previous blows which made child delivery difficult.

I became broken….

I remembered her words and the promise to make God mine and the only thing the doctor could say was God gives and takes. I looked at the girl in my hands and I named her SUNSHINE then swore to make her my wife , mother and only joy to me.

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