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Today’s post is going to be different from the norm and it’s more like a story but a personal experience . I haven’t dropped a post concerning the kind of person I am but will do that later on but note this , No matter how much of a sinner I am I don’t like to judge or condemn people on their beliefs , lifestyle, religion or anything because it’s a terrible thing and if I see anyone trying to condemn anyone there is this kind of disgust in me but I try hard not to show it but let’s get to the story . Please grab your popcorn and drinks then enjoy 😊.

PS: i am not trying to go against any church’s doctrine.<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
as in my second year in junior secondary school and the school I attended was kind of against social life and they follow the doctrine of this church Deeper life bible church and it’s compulsory for students to attend church services no matter your religion lol sometimes we attend the main church camp programs like retreat, summits and the rest . It was quite annoying but we had no other choice than to do that or you leave the school.

On a fateful Sunday , we all woke up to prepare for church services and we got to church that day, with the preacher giving the sermon and he kind of made references to some churches by condemning their doctrines and beliefs and my church was mentioned which is a white garment church Cherubim and seraphim although I attend RCCG also depending on the distance and time to get the church cause C & S was kinda far from home but at home we do practice the doctrines of these churches.

I felt bad while listening to the preacher but ignored it . The service ended and we were all moving back to our hostel ( my school is both Day and Boarding) while walking three girls talked about the topic that was discussed in church and I found out they were Catholic members but they were my seniors so I listened to their conversation.

Suddenly, one of these girls made reference to my church C&S and uttered words like “I hate the white garment churches especially Cele because they don’t wear slippers” another added to buttress her point with her perky mouth “That their white garment, the way they burn incense, spray holy water, and how they see visions shows that they won’t make heaven”.

These words set confusion in my heart and made me wonder how a so called Christian could utter such words . This pushed me to tell them that it was wrong to judge and the last girl shunned me up by saying that they don’t burn incense in Catholic Church and every thing in their church was simple and done according to truth. I told her if she was confused she should consult her bible and stop making other people feel bad all in the name of righteousness.

I got back to the hostel, made a call to my mom explaining all that happened and all she said was that I should ignore and consult my bible. This made me to reply people any time they ask about my denomination and tell them that I attend RCCG leaving out the other church. Some of my friends would talk about their churches and condemn the white garment churches even my teachers but I just keep quiet so as to avoid heated arguments and I had another friend who attended the white garment church so we do share stories about our church and so many experiences in it.

Getting to the university, Sunday services was not a rigid rule and various churches existed in it but I only attend the Catholic Church because the service is shorter and I don’t have time to start applying Peng make up to the Pentecostal church which has a longer service. Last Sunday, as I walked with my friend to the church, I saw the priests putting incense in the incense pot and I was surprised because “that catholic ‭girl said they don’t burn incense”

I told my friend this and she laughed at the statement that they burn incense in the Catholic Church a lot I was getting angry because of the lie that girl told and how she condemned my church but due to keeping the sabbath day holy I kept it away from my mind and entered the church.

During holy communion, I watched in awe as the priest made use of the incense and it was in the same way the C&S made use of it after service it was like I should turn the hands of the clock and give those perky mouthed catholic girls hot slaps but it was gone and I had to let go . This made me ask for forgiveness on whoever I had condemned and I will urge anyone to stop condemning or judging anyone on anything including religion and beliefs.

If you are confused on anything relating to your religion consult the books you believe in or talk to God it won’t kill you. I hope you enjoyed this and relating the last post have you started working according to your plans? I have been working according to mine and it’s helpful.

Don’t forget to share . Have a pleasant week ❤️🍇

Hello, welcome to the Vineyard and lets tour while I sharpen the blades of my pen through writing.


  • Moyin

    I am a deeper life person. I am very sorry you wrtr exposed to that kind of pastor… but for real, I don’t want you to generalise every deeper life member like that. I am not a denominational person.. I only go to deeper life cos it suits my belief… I believe that should be the reason everyone goes tho their various churches… just because your belief doesn’t match mine doesn’t mean you should start judging. nobody is perfect… we are all humans trying to serve God… every Jesus said we shouldn’t judge because he is the master Judge… its the pastor that is at fault.. I’m sorry about those catholic girls too. we face discrimination everywhere. all we have to do is ignore the. people will never stop being judgmental… people will never stop poke nosing.. its between you and Jesus, don’t let anyone confuse or come and make u feel bad…. its grace we are all using to serve God….. this post be touching the depth of my soul

  • Temi

    I really enjoyed the story and yes the discrimination from deeper life was I don’t even know what to say, am sorry to say this but I remember when we were arguing sometimes ago and we were like blessing stop lying the next thing we heard was mummy kike saying blessing can’t lie she is a deeper lifer. I couldn’t laff am not saying she lies but what did bringing church have to do in the matter and in the first place no one invited her to the discussion. I bliv it doesn’t really matter the denominations, if God is there then why can’t you go and if you have the holy spirit it helps you discern and lastly the word of God and not the word of any man.Thanks

  • divine

    I really enjoyed the story… about the discrimination, it’s everywhere. in order for us not to get confused on our beliefs, it’s just better we consult God because that’s the best thing.

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