I’m sorry about my inconsistency and I hope you all will understand 🥀. Let’s get to today’s gist 😁as seen above . It’s literally a common tragic situation that do come up regularly but most  times do we even bother to know the real truth behind it or we just make up our mind by putting the blame on the “evil forces” (THE NIGERIAN MENTALITY ) or we know the truth but we just want to bury it under our carpets just to please the media or protect the “family name”. These things coupled up with our own instincts won’t even let the “deceased” rest well .

The key things that lead to suicide are:

  • Depression 
  • Emotional trauma / torture 

A lot of cases like this lack the real truth 

If a youth who committed suicide was going through emotional torture by loved ones (family, best or close friends  ) and commits suicide the truth wouldn’t be told, let’s go deeper and give an example in story form by taking a look at this Nigerin setting ✨

         Bayo lives with his family and is often misunderstood, and now he wants to open up to his father about this girl he likes but hasn’t made any attempt to approach or reach out to her because he isn’t going to, WHY?, he doesn’t feel the need to because it’s not his first time having such feelings and at the end, they all all fade away without making an attempt so here he is, Bayo trying to entertain his dad about how he feels about Rosie, but this entertainment turns into a raging father saying and using all available vulgar words on and for Bayo, at midnight Bayo is lost in thoughts, he sits up in his bed, his eyes blurry from his tears and his mind a deep mess by the words from his father earlie on, he gets up, staggers to the kitchen, tries to get a snack from the fridge and sights a knife…. RED AND WHITE precisely, slices his arm and enjoys the pain he derived, after all it can’t be compared to the one he’s feeling emotionally, well he’s watched it in movies that the most interesting way to use a knife on the body is by piercing it through the belly, of possible the tip of the knife is seen behind the belly (KOREAN WAR MOVIES.. lol). Bayo yearns for more pain and just stabs his friggin belly….

        The next morning Mama Bayo wants to prepare breakfast and is welcomed to the kitchen by Bayo’s cold blood tracing the lines between each tile.
      *************** BAYO IS DEAD *****************
    Time for investigation, Baba Bayo blames it tearfully on peer pressure, oh or Bayo was in a cult, oh no maybe he started taking illegal drugs but YOU and I know Bayo was depressed and tortured emotionally.
********************** RIP BAYO ***************************
That’s just a story, an example …..

As future parents ▪▪▪▪ Learn from this

As parents ▪▪▪▪ Learn from this, pay attention to your children and welcome all their thoughts good or bad, then counsel them nicely….

As a Bayo ▪▪▪▪ Learn to voice out to the right person.

So dear child, 


If you are depressed 

  • speak to someone, don’t take it in ,VOICE OUT!!!🗣, 
  • have a change in Environment 
  • Pray 
  • Listen to music 
  • Engage in things that make you happy 
  • Eat good food too 
  • Drink water and milk
  • Play games 

Thank you for reading ♥️

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