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Akoka was not really far,but Lagos traffick was something else. I had slept and woken up twice during the journey.Some minutes after two we arrived the university of Lagos.Dad alighted and asked me to come with him,we completed some registrations and got back into the car.

Since I was in two hundred level,I could stay off campus.dad had rented me a flat close to school.we got there pretty quick since it was an already furnished apartment there wasn’t much work to do.Mother just helped me put some things in place and told me not to drag the name “SANUSI”into the mud as my big brother had once done.I was surprised when dad asked us to close our eyes for prayers.we were Hausa’s but didn’t particularly have a religion,I couldn’t pray in the Islamic way and couldn’t remember the last time I prayed in the Christian way.

After the prayer dad gave me seventy thousand naira.”imagine!my parent actually think everything is about money.I decided to make the best out of everything. I bade them good bye, hugged them tight and saw them off to the car.walking back to my door I could see people outside their apartment and I wondered if their parents were as rich as mine to rent them a flat or they rented it by other means..”well what’s my own?I said to myself as I entered my apartment”.

Everything in the house was in place I decided to unwind by painting which was my hobby aside singing..I could paint anything. imagined or real.and I could really sing I had such a powerful voice.I tried painting Tolu but it only brought back memories I decided to drop it and rest a little.



“Kpo kpo kpo”…I jerked awake as i heard someone knock.I didn’t realize I had already fallen asleep.. “Kpo kpo kpo”the knock came again.”Who’s there?”I asked as a glanced at the fancy wall clock on the wall.it was 8:32pm

..it’s John he answered

..oh uncle john had come. I opened the door for him but he didn’t want to enter he just gave me the car keys,I asked him to wait as I ran in to get him some money.I liked uncle john he never rejected any errand.I saw him off to the gate.

I was about entering my apartment when a bright light flashed into my eyes. “Don’t they have manners here”? I thought to myself.

“Hello”I heard the sweetest feminine voice.I looked up and the flash light went off.At that point those crazyass people called NEPA decided to restore power, as I looked up I saw a very pretty lady looking at me with a smile on her face.I would have called her the most beautiful girl I’ve ever seen but my mom still had the credit for that.I shook off my thought as I extended my hand to her.

“hi,I’m Zara”

“A very nice name and I’m chinenye”she said. So you just moved here she asked me?yes I answered quietly.”ok”She smiled I’m a 300 level law student of unilag she said.I was already getting bored and tired of the chat. I guess she sensed it,then she gave that charming smile and said goodnight,before I could answer she had left,I watched her as she entered her apartment,her flat was next to mine. I sighed as I entered my apartment and locked the door.There wasn’t really much to do so I made a plate of my favourite cereal and nestled on the couch in front of the TV.There’s was nothing interesting showing so I decided to sleep.I checked the time and it was some minutes past nine. I went to the room,slumped on my bed,brought out my handbag. Only then did I realise that I left my inhaler at abuja.

“Phew”I had been battling with Asthma for the past twelve years.it was common with the sanusi’s…Engrossed in my thought I drifted into an uneasy sleep



Bright rays from outside shone directly into my eyes I didn’t want to wake up now but I had to anyway.it was my first day at school. As I made to stand up,I felt a sharp pain at my abdomen”O my God”.I quickly checked my calendar. It was the eight day in June.”My Period”I hurried out of bed,yanked the bedsheet from the bed and threw it into the laundary basket.I went to the bathroom and turned on the shower mindful of my hair which I had just fixed shortly before leaving Abuja.I really loved wasting time in the bathroom but today was exceptional,I had to hurry and get to school.it was early June and the weather looked like it was going to rain.so I decided to wear a black jean and top.I quickly swallowed felvin to ease my menstrual cramp.

I hurriedly shoved my iPad,phone, note and purse into my black duffel bag and I hurriedly slipped my legs into a pair of black airmax and went for the door,as I was about unlocking I heard someone knock I was startled because I was directly behind the door.Who could it be so early?



I unlocked the door to see chinenye standing in front of me

She looked so gorgeous in a blue jean and t shirt,I wondered how someone could be that beautiful.”Good morning”she greeted.I just wanted to show you round campus.

“Oh well”I answered, we could get going.we’d just get a cab she said.”it would be safer if I drive”I answered her.I could tell from the expression on her face that she was surprised that I had my own car.

I unlocked the car and threw my black duffel bag at the back seat and unlocked the front door for her.I told her to drive since she was showing me round,she agreed in less than thirty minutes we had gone round.she drove to her lecture hall and got down,opened my side of the door for me and handed me the keys.she told me not to pick her up.I got back into my car and drove off to my lecture room.I got there shortly and packed carefully, as I stepped into the lecture room I could feel eyes all over me.The lecture was enjoyable at least it had to do with art.Shortly after lectures were over.I attended some other lectures too.

I could hear the clapping of thunder.. I hurriedly rushed to my car and drove off to avoiding getting wet.in no time I was home.

The cold in the flat was unbearable, it was raining. I started feeling some tightening in my chest.I was finding it difficult to breathe, I could sense an attack coming. I felt so uneasy..Thank Goodness I still had some ventolin tablets,I hurriedly kept one of the pink tiny tablet into my mouth and gulped some water to push it down.How much I hated Drugs!



I felt a hand caressing my hair.I thought I was dreaming I didn’t even know I had fallen asleep. I opened my eyes to see chinenye,she gave me that Angelic smile,I thought her boyfriend was very lucky to have such an angel like her. Unknown to me there’s more to chinenye than her beauty.”I only came to give you some fruits”she said.

Awwwwwn she is so sweet I thought

.she wanted to leave but I told her to stay a bit longer and she agreed.she put on the TV as I excused myself and went into the kitchen,I couldn’t really cook compared to my elder sister.I decided to make noodles and fry hot dogs .chinenye stepped in,”What are you trying to do?” She asked me.

“Making dinner”

“You shouldn’t have bothered”she said sweetly as she made to turn the hot dogs over.

Some ten minutes later we made our way to the living room,each holding a plate of noodles And hotdog.we ate and watched TV alongside. It soon started raining again.

“How old are you?”she asked me suddenly?

“I’d turn nineteen next month”I answered her..what about you I asked her..”I’m turning twenty one on the tenth of next month”she said.

“We share the same date I exclaimed”…She smiled sweetly

It kept raining, she stood up to leave”Nenye!where are you going in this rain I asked her?

Better sleep over I said to her not knowing I was inviting trouble

“Thank you so much”she said to me.

“Haba,you don’t have to thank me”I said as I rolled my eyes at her.

We stepped into the room together and I checked my wardrobe for something suitable for her.”here”I said as I handed her the clothe..she collected them and muttered a thank you.I don’t know why I couldn’t take my eyes off her as she changed… I noticed she had a belly ring.she was so light skinned compared to me.we were like coke and fanta.

Few minutes later we were on the bed under the same duvet.I couldn’t sleep because I had slept earlier in the day.

Grrrrrrrr.my phone rang,I looked at the caller I.d it showed “cupcake”why in God’s name do I still have tolu’s name stored as that.

“Ain’t you gonna pick your phone?”she asked me

“Ummmmm I am”I answered her,as I made to pick it up the phone cut.I was so grateful.

I couldn’t sleep, I felt hands on my thigh.I looked beneath the duvet to see chinenye’s hand caressing me.before I could complain she had covered my lips with hers.she kissed me,I didn’t know when I kissed her back and did other stupid things with her.she slept off almost immediately.

“Hmmmmm”I sighed I had just practised Lesbianism.



This morning didn’t seem like it was going to be cold,Chinenye had already fried plantain before I was up.I couldn’t even look her in the eye,but she was just as normal as if nothing had happened.”Was last night the first time she had done that?”I asked myself.

“Zara I have lectures to attend” she said awakening me from wonderland.

“Ok”I muttered and in a twinkle of any eye she had left.

“Imagine how she kept her calm”..”hmmmn” I sighed as I stood up to check my timetable for the lectures I would be having today.

Grrrrrrrr,my phone rang.

“Hi mom”I said as I picked up the phone.

“Hey sweetheart”how are you,and hope you are settling down well she spoke almost immediately.

“Haba mama,which do you want me to answer first?well I’m fine and I’ve settled down”I said to her.

“Ok jemimah would be arriving soon and would like to come and visit you”mother said.

Jemimah is my older sister, the only one that bears her Christian name as her first name, we all had Christian names,mine is Nicole meaning victory.

Jemimah was just two years older than me,I felt very free with her.

“Ok mama, just keep me posted”

“Ok Love, got to go now, take care”she said and hung up.

EPISODE 10 📃✍🏻


I was having just two lectures today so i decided to clean my apartment before leaving.

I was dressed in a black jalamia,I love black.and I decided to wear a black hijab.

Lecture today was unusually boring,thank God it was over in no time.I decided to skip the second lecture but I changed my mind almost immediately thinking it was going to be short ,but the lecture took like forever, I didn’t even like the appearance of the lecturer.

Immediately lecture was over,I hurried out of the class.”Who on earth I’m I running from?”I asked myself.

As I was about entering my car,I heard someone call”Hajia”.I turned to see a perfect figure in front of me.He was tall,dark,very cute.he had tiny lips that looked liked he was trying hard not to laugh,he had these big eyes that looked liked they had answers to every question, his pupils were so brown that I had to check if he was wearing contacts.

“Hello I’m Olasubomi” he said.’Holy maryHe even had white teeth’..

“And I’m Zara S-a-n-u-s-i”I said laying emphasis on my surname as if by doing that he could tell that my dad was a multi billionaire. I watched him as he quickly glanced at my car and sized me head to toe.”Nice name”He said. Well can I at least get your number he added. Oh boy!I didn’t think twice before giving it to him.

“Well I’ve got to hurry now” he said,making his way to leave.Before I could stop myself I found myself asking him what way he was going.

“I’m going to fix my laptop at Ikeja”he said

“Oh,I’m heading the same way”I answered.Ehn?where did that come from?I thought.

“Come in let me give you a lift” I said

“Hmmm oh cool”he said smiling….

Hmmmmn So cute I thought!



As soon as Olasubomi got down from the car,I yanked off my hijab,I was so tired.I drove home hurriedly,forgetting that I had wanted to get my nails fixed.

I got home a little bit late,without even taking off my footwear,I hurried to the kitchen to eat the cold plantain that Nenye had fried in the morning.

I entered into the bathroom, as I took off my clothes,memories of what happened last night went through my head and I swore it was never going to happen again. As I turned on the shower,I felt so relieved.and in less than thirty minutes I was done with bathing.

Days had passed and everything seemed so normal,from waking up to attending lectures.I was just so busy these days.

It was a bright Sunday,that reminds me Olasubomi had not called me since the last time we saw though he texted me that night to thank me for the ride.Since I was free today I decided to say hi to Chinenye.I stepped out dressed in a black plain dress,I locked my door and headed to her apartment. I was about knocking when I noticed two pair of footwear at her doorstep.one actually belonged to Nenye but the other is a male’s and it looked familiar but I couldn’t place where I’ve actually seen them.I decided to go back to my apartment since she had company.

But there was something about those shoes I couldn’t place.

“Phew”I sighed.

“At least shoes are not made for one person”



My Sunday ended up being boring as I predicted, but I received an exciting news.Jemimah called me,she had arrived Nigeria already with my big brother’khalid’ and they’d be visiting by Thursday. I really can’t wait to see Jemimah and Khalid.Its two years since I last saw them. Khalid must have grown so tall now.

GRRRRRRRR!My phone rang bringing me back to reality.

“Hello,Good afternoon”I said .

“Hi,its Olasubomi, how are you?”the caller said.

“Hey Subomi,I’m fine,thank you”I said,trying to hide the excitement in my voice.

“I’m sorry I’ve not called you since its just that I’ve been so busy”he said.

“Oh i perfectly understand”i said.even if I didn’t.

“So do you stay in the school premises?”he asked me.

“No I don’t”and I described where I stay to him.Immediately I did that there was silence at the other end.I even thought the call had ended.

“Hello are you there?”I said into the receiver.

“Oh!yes”he said.

Did you get the description I asked him.

“Yes”he answered quietly.

“Well I’d talk to you later”I said,and hung up



Monday came quickly, I got out of bed sluggishly, I really don’t know what’s getting me tired these days.I cleaned the house,showered,quickly ate cereal and started heading to school,I decided to take a cab to school,I arrived the lecture hall early, I looked around,the class was a little bit empty except for few students, some were reading,majority were talking loudly in groups,I brought out my phone to play games before lecture began when a text came in.


It’s Chinenye,I’d be traveling home today to stay a few days, I’m going to drop my key beneath your footmat,take care.

much love. Nenye.

I quickly texted her back telling her to have a safe trip.

This is actually the first time Chinenye and I would be talking after that nonsense happened.

The lecture was scheduled for 9:30am and its already10:32am and the lecturer was no where in sight,the lecture hall was already getting empty.I stood up to leave and I headed straight home.

EPISODE 14 📃✍🏻


Kpo!kpo!kpo!I heard a knock on the door.I was in the room trying to sleep,that was the only reason I hurried home when the lecturer was not showing up.

Kpo!kpo!kpo!The knock came again,ahn ahn!who was I expecting?Chinenye had travelled home that morning.

I’m coming I said as I approached the door.I opened the door to see Subomi standing face to face with me,he was looking as cute as the first day we met.He was wearing the shirt he had on the first day we met.

“Can I come in?”he asked shyly

“Sure”I said, smiling.

He took off his shoes.

My eyes bulged.”These shoes again,I said to myself.where have I seen them?I thought.

Oh!in front if chinenye’s room,but these actually looked smaller.



“Nice painting”he said,admiring an art work on the wall.

“Did you paint it,?”he asked me

“Oh!yes I did,So what can I offer you?”I asked him.


I went into the kitchen,opened my fridge, it was practically empty except for a pack of juice lying at one corner.I picked it up and put it on a tray with a glass.

“Oh,thank you”he said as I placed the tray on a stool in front of him.

“So, where are you from”he asked me breaking the silence.

“Bida,in Niger”I answered

“You?in fact tell me about yourself”I said to him.

He ducked his head to one side laughing.

“Hmmmmm,my name is Olasubomi Ogunmola,fifth of eight children,300 level law student, twenty years of age..what else is there to know”he said.

“Ummmm nothing.”judging from his little autobiography he wasn’t the too rich type.

“So,Zara your turn” he said.I was about talking when he cut me off.”Zara, I really have to go”he said.

“But you haven’t even tried the juice”I said trying to hide the disappointment in my voice.

“I’m sorry zee”he said,putting on his shoe.

“OK,some other time”I said.

“Bye,he said”.opening the door and stepping out.

“Bye I said”.

“There’s something about this boy”I said to myself after shutting the door.

“Well”I shrugged,making my way to the room



It’s Thursday already, Jemimah and Khalid would be arriving today and I need to get things prepared for their arrival.

‘I want to get things set? ‘and I’m still in bed by 9:32am,is this how I want to get things set? I jumped out of bed and hurried through my bathe. “10:20 I screamed” as I glanced at the clock.

I hurried out of the house, getting outside I discovered out that my car keys were inside. I dashed back inside like someone who was in a race. Today was going to be as stressful AF for me. Lectures to shopping,back home to offload,then back to ghetto airport. I had just finished the second class for today and here I am complaining when I’ve not gone half way. I decided to skip the remaining classes and go to the mall. I practically rushed my shopping, I had bought useful and useless things, I drove Mike’s maniac back home so I could rest a little before going to pick Khalid and Jemimah who’d be arriving by 4:00pm.

Immediately I got home,i offloaded the things I bought and placed them in their order.i decided to relax my mind a little before going to pick them by eating fruits and reading a book……………..

Grrrrrrrr Grrrrrrr my phone rang awakening me. “o my”5:31pm.


“Zara, what’s keeping you? Jemimah and I have been here for about an hour now and you are no where in sight. You weren’t even picking your calls”khalid said almost in a rush.

“I’m really sorry Khalid, I slept off,i am on my way already I’d be there in no time”.grabbing my keys alongside talking on the phone.

Immediately I got outside,i fetched a bottle of water from the car and splashed on my face. I bounced into the car and in less than ten minute I was on my way to the musical Mohammed local airport.



My Apartment has never been as noisy as this, With Khalid and Jemimah around,things was sure going to be worse.

I had decided to stay home this Friday to spend time with my siblings, I’ve missed them so much. There’s always much to talk about whenever they are around.

“Khalid oya when is the wedding? “Jemmy spoke up.

“Ahn Ahn,are you trying to chase me out of my father’s house?,or should I marry you?

Jemimah laughed loudly, really loud.

“Ahn Ahn Jemimah do you want to bring down the roof with your laughter”?I asked looking up from my phone.

“So because you are talking to all those your tiny tiny boys we shouldn’t laugh again bah? ”

Hehehehehehe. Khalid laughed loudly.

I was already getting freaked out by their stupid laughter. “Ahn Ahn, I screamed.

“Don’t mind me jare”Khalid said

“Mene ne?(what is it) I asked in Hausa. The last time you came to Nigeria, your English was purely Naija made. Now you want to come and start faking accent for me bah? “I asked Khalid.

“Zara, why are you crucifying me nah, was i the one that asked you to choose to study here? “I was about answering him, when someone knocked. I just hoped it wasn’t Subomi.

“kpo kpo kpo”The knock came again.

“Zara, you’ve not still stopped this your dozing while sitting c’mon go and open the door”my sister said.

I rolled my eyes at her as I struggled to get up from the floor where I was lying down.

“Are you that fat? “Don’t worry I’d get it. Khalid said in his stupid British accent.

What was taking Khalid so long?

The door was open but Khalid back was preventing Jemimah and I from seeing the person who knocked.

“Is Khalid giving birth there? “Jemimah asked as I stood up to check who was keeping Khalid at the door.



chioma didn’t tell me she was going to return today so I was surprised to see her at my door. Why was she smiling and why was Khalid looking at her that way?

“Hey Nenye”i said trying to sound excited.

“Zee love”Making her way past Khalid and enclosing me in a bear hug.

I’ve really missed the scent of that perfume. “where are your bags?”.

“in front of my room,i just came to get my keys,i didn’t even know you had a full house “she said sighting Jemimah.

“Meet my sister”.

“hi, I’m Chinenye”

“I’m jemimah”.

“Do I need to introduce you to my brother? “I asked her stealing a glance at Khalid.I guess she could sense the irritation in my voice.

“Nah,you don’t need to, i already met him, I’d just get my keys and freshen up”.

I hurriedly went in to get the keys before anything silly happen in the living room. Well,nothing could happen, Jemmy was there.

“Here,”handing her the keys.

Nenye really knew how to play her games well, she had sharply enticed my brother like that. Na wa o.

“Khalid, when’s the wedding coming up? “Jemimah asked almost immediately chinenye went out.

I laughed out,it was my turn to laugh like a fool now.

“what’s funny now?”Khalid looked somehow angry.

“Why did you shout at her like that? Your eyes spoke for you. See the way you looked at her “Jemimah said to Khalid.

“How did I look at her? ”

I really did not want Khalid to have anything on this earth to do with Violence. Does he know the kind if girl she was. If chinenye could make advances at me, she could do the same to my sister.

I needed to protect my family from her. God i need you now more than ever

EPISODE 19 ✍🏻📃


I can’t believe I just thought of God. My spiritual life has actually gone down the drain. Did i even have one?

The weekend was splendid now Monday was here again.i had to get up and get to school early to study before lectures. I rubbed my eyes lazily as I checked the time, it was some minutes before seven. I really didn’t enjoy waking up early. I looked by my side, Jemimah was still peacefully asleep. Khalid had slept in the living room.

Thoughts of things that happened during the weekend flashed through my mind as i had my bath. I really needed a way to find a way to get Nenye out of Khalid’s mind because i knew she was stuck there already. “God please see me through “I said to myself as I stepped out of the bathroom. Why have i been thinking about God lately? It’s really unlike me .

I hurriedly dressed and told Jemimah i was leaving.khalid was still asleep, i decided to use a cab incase my siblings needed the car.

I entered the lecture hall to find out that my favourite spot had been occupied.i quickly grabbed a seat at the back of the class before the lecturer entered.

This lecture was getting long and boring,i was already dozing off when the hunk beside me slipped a piece of paper in front of me.

“I know this lecture is boring, but you could do better, my name’s Ralph and you “?

I smiled after reading it, I wanted to reply but couldn’t find my pen, I looked around for one.i think Ralph noticed my plight.

“Here it is, I stole it when you were asleep”.he joked.

I laughed, “well, I’m Zara”i said.

Lecture was over in no time.

“So, would you like to go somewhere for lunch?”I heard a voice from behind say to me. I turned to see Ralph smiling at me. Ralph was a pretty side to behold.i know you guys might see me as a freak of some sort but trust me when I give a dude credit for his looks.

“OK, where do you have in mind?”I asked, sounding like an excited school girl.

“let’s just go to an eatery off campus, come on”he said,dragging me towards a black Honda.

“you didn’t bring your car, did you? ”

“how do you know i drive? “I asked him.

“ummmm,lets just say there’s this one person that knows everything about you and reveals it to me”he said.

“How dare that person? “I said.

“He has every right “Ralph said, Smiling.

He just got me confused.

EPISODE 20 ✍🏻📃


Lunch was great with Ralph, he’s such a nice guy,but there’s this thing about him I can’t just figure out. I felt so relaxed around him, it’s like I’ve known him for ages,i felt so comfortable around him. I pray things don’t go overboard, we exchanged numbers and promised to see each other the next day.

I got home to find my car gone.i thought my siblings had gone out.i was already grateful,i needed to rest,and gulp a pack of juice which i hid because of them and hear word a bit too . I opened the door to see Khalid as if that was not enough to spoil my mood, he was with an unwanted guest for that matter.i don’t need to mention the person before you know who.

Nenye and Khalid were seated close to each other, sharing a pack of drink. (My cherished pack of juice) This girl has guts ooo.

“Zara”Khalid called out to me

I didn’t even answer him. I heard Nenye say”Maybe she had a bad day “.

Bad day indeed, the Animal didn’t know that i didn’t want her for my brother.

I stared at my bed which was littered with clothes. Jemimah’s clothes to be precise,i was too frustrated to push the clothes aside, I slumped on the bed with my shoes on. I decided to rest a little before Jemimah would come and catch me stepping on her clothes. But she seriously doesn’t know how i feel. A part of me didn’t want to be so concerned about Khalid and Nenye, but another part wanted to jump off that bed and push Nenye out.what exactly is getting me angry? Is it the fact that they are drinking my ‘hidden juice’or the fact that she’s a lesbian who wants to hook my brother.

Should I tell Jemimah about Nenye being a lesbian?jemimah would totally understand but i don’t think it’s a good idea but if i tell Khalid, he’d tell Nenye and Nenye would hate me and it can be hell if Nenye hates someone, A pretty sight with a dark soul.

But it’s better than endangering my brother’s life.





that was loud enough to resurrect the dead.i didn’t even know when i fell asleep(Do we even know when we fall asleep?) chai,Jemimah had caught me with my shoes on the bed.

“Did you get yourself drunk? You’d wash these clothes.I thank God for sending an helper when I needed one.”

“So they’re even dirty and you are making so much noise”i said

“Because they’re dirty,that gives you the right to step on them. In fact go and pack sand from outside and pour on it.”

“Whatever”as I entered into the bathroom to wash my face.

“Where’s Khalid?”i asked Jemimah as i entered the living room.

“Ermmmm,i think in the room ”

“That’s where I’m coming from”i said.

“Then i don’t know where he is”

“Did you meet him at home?”I asked.

She nodded in the affirmative concentrating on her phone.I could sense she was already getting tired of my endless questions.

“Ermmmm, was he at home when you came in?”i kept asking not minding her reaction.


“Who was he with?”I asked.

“A human being or do you have scarecrows in your compound?”


“if you ask me if it’s male or female, I’d stone your head”.

Just then Khalid came in.

“Oya Nicole, your husband is back ask him why he didn’t drop money for soup before chasing after another woman”Jemimah said teasing me. But Khalid didn’t get the joke.

“What’s that about?”he asked me.

“I answered him in the Naija style,question for question. “Where did you go? ”

“I saw Nenye off”


“wait o, What’s all this Zara? What’s your own with where he went, is he a baby and what’s your business with if he saw Nenye off or not, do you have a problem with that? Jemimah said sternly.

“Help me ask her o, Khalid said.

“YES I HAVE SO MANY PROBLEMS WITH THAT”i shouted as i walked back to the room to avoid questions.

The anger in me was not from this planet. I needed someone to talk to.i dialled Subomi’s number but it was switched off as usual.then I remembered Ralph but isn’t it too soon to start complaining to him. But i still texted him anyway.

Few minutes later his text entered saying he can’t talk and i should meet him somewhere.



i didn’t even bother changing my clothes, I just grabbed my car keys, purse and phone and left. I didn’t even tell my siblings where i was going, as far as i was concerned, i was still mad at them.

I didn’t even know where i was heading but i kept driving,i brought out my phone to check the address, I decided to make use of Google Map, in less than twenty minutes i was at my destination, I found myself in front of a church.

“Ahn Ahn,this Ralph dude is funny o, church ke?, he didn’t look like a church boy. I called him but he didn’t pick,was Ralph playing games with me?

He texted me and asked me to come inside the church that he would come and meet me soon. It was a Monday evening and i wasn’t dressed for fellowship.I was even so filthy to enter into a church.I turned back to get into my car but I felt the urge to go back into the church.

As i stepped in, I felt so light, I noticed people were not even dressed for service,i was ushered to a seat, the atmosphere was so calm,i felt so much peace in the environment. I felt inner joy,i felt light and free of problems ….

C’mon let’s close our eyes and begin to worship a voice said bringing me back to reality.

“Casting Crowns, lifting hands, bowing down……. “the voice singing was so smooth,full of thanks and free from worries, I was so touched and moved.i wanted to open my eyes to see who was endowed with such a wonderful voice but i couldn’t open it. I felt so touched, when the song was over, I opened my eyes to see Ralph on his knees on the altar, he was in tears still humming a song.

‘There’s no such place sweeter than being in the presence of the lord’



sermon was short since it was a weekday program.i decided to go straight home since Ralph was not in sight.

“Hey”i heard a voice in the dark.

“Ralllllllpppphhhh,i thought you had left”i said

“No, I’m still pretty much around”he replied smiling.

He looked nice in a black T-shirt and blue jean.

He didn’t look like a church boy at all he could have even been mistaken for all these common Nigerian Fuckboys like Tolu.

“Do you want to go and relax for a while? ”

“Ermmmmm, I think i still got time “I said checking my wrist watch. “So, anywhere in mind”?

“Yes, let’s take your car”he said

“where would you park yours? ”

“it’s safe here in church”

“Sure? ”


He got into the driver’s seat,and we were off in no time. He plugged his phone to the music player and Christian music filled my ears.there was silence between us.

“Ralph, we’ve driven for about thirty minutes now, any destination in mind?

“No, he said.i just want us to talk.

He parked infront of an eatery.

“I’m not going in”i said.

“OK, we’d just talk here”

“Zara, what’s really going on with you “?

“Nothing “I said quietly.

“Don’t tell me nothing Zara, have you tried looking deeply into your eyes through the mirror?things are written there Zee.i became your friend because i like you and when i say i like you, don’t get me wrong. I mean there’s this thing I think the lord is trying to tell me. Right now Zara, i won’t tell you i know exactly what it is but what I’m sure of is that he’s calling you and he’s someone you can always go to with all of your problems,he’s always willing to listen to you.

Zara, call on him.i won’t force you to blurt out your problems to me. I won’t force you to trust me,i won’t force you to go to church. It’s a decision you must make.

You can never run away from it babe. Never. I won’t force you to do anything but I challenge you Zara,i challenge you to give the lord a chance in your life. Put behind your problems,tribulations,sicknessesand concentrate on the calling.listen carefully Zara.

“Zara, he called out to me.

All this while my eyes were closed. I was in tears.

He placed his hands on mine.

“Zara,Let the lord lead you on.

Give him your all.



i dropped Ralph at the church and headed straight home. My siblings were asleep,there was nothing much to do so i just showered and jumped straight into bed.

I couldn’t even think straight.

“Is anything the matter? “Jemimah asked.

“I thought you were already asleep”.

A part of me wanted to talk but was Jemimah the best person to talk to?

I narrated everything that happened that night to Jemimah.

“Nicole, do you really think there’s God?”Jemimah asked me

“Jemimah, I’m your sister and would never deceive you, with what I’ve experienced this night, there’s God”.

“Does God save people? “she asked again.

“The hunk i spoke to this night said God saves people”i answered her.

“Do you think God can save Khalid? “she asked me.

I’ve never seen so much fear in Jemimah’s eyes,jemimah was the bold one out of the three of us, the fearless one.

“Jemimah, what’s wrong? Speak to me. ”

“Khalid still does drug”she said.

Khalid had once disgraced the family with this his drug habit and now,he’s at it again.

I remember Mother said Jemimah would be arriving and not Khalid,i guess Khalid was sent back to Nigeria because of his drug habit.

“Zara,would God save him? ”

“I hope so, I think we should attend the church on Sunday and ask God if he’d save him”i said.

“Good night jemimah”i said, as i pecked the top of her head. I felt her face, it was wet she had been crying. “I love you Zara”she said as she pecked the top of my head.

I couldn’t possibly sleep now, I had a lot going on, I needed to think,i quietly stood up and headed to the kitchen.Khalid was curled up on the sofa. I went into the kitchen to fix myself a cup of tea. I made it quietly and sat on the kitchen table.

I needed to think.

EPISODE 25 ✍🏻📃


I poured the tea into another cup. That cup had no hand and it was too hot. As i stepped out of the kitchen,i saw Khalid roll up a thin paper round to about a hundred and eighty degree, placed it at the edge of the table, bent down, blocked his left nostril with his finger, closed his left eye,put his nose at the same level with the paper and sniffed.He shook his head in ecstasy and his eyes became very red almost bulging.

So this is how cocaine was sniffed?

As i wanted to get back into the kitchen I was nabbed. He walked unsteadly towards me, i couldn’t move i was like i was glued to the ground. He grabbed me and like a wounded lion he pushed me to the chair, he grabbed my arm, tied a twine around it and inspected the upper arm for a suitable vein. All this while it was like i became dumb. I couldn’t Say a word i was shocked. When he couldn’t find a vein, he became frustrated.

He yanked off his trouser at that point I screamed loudly waking up Jemimah.

“KHALID”She screamed as he got up from me. She gave him a very hard slap on his cheek. She quickly dragged me to the room and locked the door firmly. I was so terrified.i was so close to taking hard drug and so close to being raped by my blood.

Jemimah loosened the twine around my hand, took me to the bathroom, washed my face and combed my hair and led me back to bed.

She switched off the light,she said she was sorry for not being there when i needed her.jemimah was crying.if only she knew how grateful I was.

I really love my sister,i watched her as she slept off.

Things were becoming really difficult. Was i receiving salvation or i was being drowned in sin.



i decided to stay in my room throughout the day, i felt like i was dirt.I couldn’t even get myself to call Ralph.Jemimah kept tossing and turning on the bed, I knew she had woken up but didn’t want to get up yet.

I could hear the TV in the living room which meant that Khalid had woken up.

I still find it hard to believe that my brother almost raped me. I really do not know why all these things are happening to me. Things were beginning to make sense some few days back but now everything is totally confusing, from the quiet me back at Abuja to me doing crap with Nenye,to me finding Jesus hoping to get saved.Now here i am, back to my miserable life.

Are things turning out for the better or getting worse? I felt everything Ralph told me was a lie. If they were true, would God ever let me suffer?he won’t let me face tribulations and problems.

I really wished i could close my eyes and all this things would disappear.

I tossed back and front on the bed.

“Zara”Jemimah called out, awakening me from my dream.

I looked at her, I felt a strong urge to hug her and thank her for saving me last night. How i wish she knew how grateful i was, Jemimah was a person who never felt she has done enough.

A knock on the door startled both Jemimah and i, it was probably Khalid.I expected Jemimah to open the door but she lay there like she was glued to the bed.

The knock came again, that was when i stood up to open the door.

I was standing face to face with my brother turn devil.

“Yes? “I asked impatiently.

“I’d be leaving for Abuja this evening, I’ve booked my flight already ”

He couldn’t even look at me in the eye.

At the mention of those words, relief shot through me.

“And I’m sorry for ……i didn’t even let him finish his statement before i closed the door.

“What did he want? “Jemimah asked as i sat on the bed.

“He’s leaving this evening “i answered absent mindedly.

“I’d leave tomorrow”.Jemimah said almost in a rush.




My apartment was back to being silent, Khalid had left the day before yesterday and Jemimah left yesterday, there was nothing to do so i decided to paint, I could explain myself effortlessly through art and music. I tried painting but it wasn’t turning out the way i wanted, I flung my brush on the sofa, i didn’t care if it soiled it.i was too traumatized to care. I care less about most things now. I was emotionally shattered, i didn’t care about a lot of things anymore. I was slipping away from life slowly. My exams were in few days and I’m not so sure about the preparation. I didn’t even want to go back and see my nasty brother.Was there really anyone i could talk to apart from Ralph?

But Ralph was too busy to notice a bleeding heart. Maybe talking to Nenye would help.i got up and entered the room to run a comb through my hair.

I stepped out, it was like ages since i saw the sun. I hurried to Chinenye’s apartment, the windows were closed, I wasn’t sure she was home.As i turned to go i heard someone moan,before i could stop myself I had turned the knob of her door.

she was in but with a guy on her, I felt like an intruder.i tried closing the door quietly but i was caught.The guy got up quickly from her and lo and behold, it was Subomi.

“SUBOMI!!!! “i screamed

Chinenye smiled, she didn’t even make efforts to cover her naked body, her smile was that of someone that had conquered.

So chinenye had actually set me up with Subomi? What on earth did i do to deserve such from chinenye?

I really did like her as a friend until she started her fling with my brother. She succeeded in making me a complete fool. I was so filthy, I had slept with her+this dude standing right at my front. I felt like a cheap whore.

What exactly did I do to deserve this??? I think it’s just plain jealousy.I have had it up to the level i can condone.

I slammed the door and hurried to my apartment, I was in tears. I really hope God would give me the grace to carry on.few days back i thought things were perfect, but they are perfect in an imperfect way.

Nenye had unleashed the beast in me.

So finally we have come to the end of this beautiful story…Don’t worry guys i really Appreciate every body that took their time to read this story and am very sure you all enjoyed and gained one or two lessons from it . You guys are the best . Meanwhile I will still update the blog with another story because I won’t have the time to gather what to update here for sometime please bear with me and enjoy the story ❤️🙏💕

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