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Yaaay Hello everyone ..welcome to another weekend and thank God it’s Friday ..

Yass i guess I made a post earlier on my blog when I opened it .I mentioned that I will also post short stories ..wel the time is here . I feel the short stories will make people get more attracted to the blog and don’t worry more topics will come soon I have exams so I will post them as soon as I can .

Well this story is not mine ..it’s a friend of mine’s story . I just felt that I should it here also . Here is the title 

Please place your comments down there about what you feel about the story . I will be updating it every two days with three new episodes 😊



I had just completed my diploma and was waiting for admission.

My name is Zara Sanusi,The daughter of Ahmed Sanusi,A very wealthy man in the country. The last of three kids,My mother loves me so much but hardly has my time because she is always at every fashion show and my father was always on business trips.My older ones are abroad doing their masters.

I am a very spoilt child and  I tend to be quiet most times.

I sat in the living room home alone uploading pictures on instagram,I heard the door bell ring”Who could that be”I thought.I checked the time it was 2:38pm and mother doesn’t get home till five and dad had just left for Lagos early that morning.I hurriedly went to open the door and standing face to face with me was my ex boyfriend”Tolu”…”ahn ahn what is you want?”I asked impatiently.I just want to…I didn’t even wait for him to complete his statement before I shut the door.How dare he?I had caught Tolu having sex with my bestie and here he is trying to feign innocence…”Mtcheeeew”I hissed as I slumped on the couch still thinking of Tolu

“He really has guts” I muttered to myself




As I lay on my bed my thoughts just drift to different areas of my life,I couldn’t just get things straight, I have few friends and one out of three just betrayed me.I was startled by a knock on my room door.

“Who’s there?”

“Your mom wants you”the cook answered.Surprised that my mom had not left for work. I quickly rushed to the bathroom, splashed water on my face, gargled a cap of mouth wash and headed downstairs. Standing at the staircase I could see my mom sitted at the dinning ever beautiful,My beauty was said to have come from my mom “An epitome of Hausa beauty”.

“Morning mom”I greeted her as I fixed myself a cup of tea.Mother didn’t have much to say as she was late for work.I had been offered admission in the UNIVERSITY OF LAGOS.and mom was buying me a car as a present.”Wow”.

“Your dad would be wiring three hundred thousand naira into your account tomorrow for shopping”mother said… I was so happy finally I would get to study visual art,something I really loved. Mother had definitely brightened up my day. I hugged her And told her to enjoy her day at work



“Zara”Mother called from downstairs.. I chose not to answer her because I didn’t want to,I was done packing for school.I dragged my boxes out turning to give my room one last glance,I was sure going to miss my big bed.I dropped my bags in front of my room it was to heavy,I was going to send uncle john the driver to bring it downstairs.

I ran downstairs, Mother was very furious I could tell.

“Where are your bags”she asked?

“Upstairs I’m just gon’ send uncle john to bring it downstairs”I answered her.Mother bought me a black venza as promised but we couldn’t use it to get to school,so uncle john would just bring it over.Mother and I had a plane to catch,we couldn’t possibly use the car from Abuja to Lagos. Uncle john dropped us at the airport and in no time we were flying. Thank God Abuja to Lagos takes just fourty five minutes,I really hated long journeys. 

We arrived at Lagos in no time. Dad was already waiting for us at the airport, he had come to Lagos some few days back,so he decided to drop me off in school with his company’s car.

Thanks for reading and am sure you enjoyed  it 😉❤️ .

P.S : This Wont hinder my normal posts tho 😊😉 .I will drop something here tomorrow evening 

Hello, welcome to the Vineyard and lets tour while I sharpen the blades of my pen through writing.

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