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Hello every one πŸ™‚ Am sorry for my inconsistency , things came up but now am back 😌. 

Literally today’s topic is what every lady or teenage girl is supposed to take note of but sometimes we might feel they are not necessary  or they are kind of stressful , they make the bag too heavy in a way πŸ˜’but at one point or the other we just find our selves getting into a big mess when we are not with those things .If you have been a victim of this or you have been confused about what to place in your bag , don’t worry am here to put you through πŸ˜‰. 

Firstly before doing this you have to consider the following : 

  • The size : literally I prefer back packs to handbags due to the size ,although we have other bigger handbags but sometimes due to carelessness and forgetfulness . 
  • The quality
  • The colour : I prefer black bags because they don’t select clothes but if you are a picky person your fashion sense should be πŸ‘

Here are the things every lady or teenage girl must have in their bag : 

  • Money πŸ’΅πŸ’³ :Nobody will love to go out without money ,  just take enough  you will just go nuts when you don’t have them 
  • Cellphone πŸ“±: I feel totally useless without my cellphone ,it’s a normal thing for me to have even if am not with any other thing .
  • Tampons / pad : This is very NECESSARY Sometimes that visitor might tend to come when you are not at home and u won’t want to walk with a messed up body and no one will want to give out their last tampon with them . 
  • Face wipes / tissues : keep both wet and dry ones with you in order for dry up those beads of sweat that will make you look haggard 
  • Tictac / mintgum / mouth Freshener : Bad breath is a major problem πŸ˜–. Sometimes you can be fasting or dieting or you just had a kind of meal that leaves a kind of stale breath in your mouth . Keep any of these in your bag to give your breath much freshness because you won’t want your breathe to chase someone away 🀒
  • Hair scarf : You might have just boarded  a public transport and a little aggy baby just vomits on your hair and you won’t want to go around with a messed up hair even if you eventually get to clean it off . Just take along with you a scarf that matches your outfit .So you won’t appear strange .
  • Hand towels: Sometimes you might have a runny nose and you won’t want your heavy sneeze to splash out a droplet of cattarh on someone’s clothe making yourself look like a fool 😨.
  • Band aids : To cover up any injury or scratch .
  • Lip balm : You just have to keep those babies underneath your nose moisturized or you won’t want to make out with chapped lips 😜
  • Makeup compacts : carry along with you a makeup compact with a mirror in case your makeup gets smudged and you just have to tush it up 
  • Small perfume bottle :make your self smell nice in case that odour come up when you sweat a little 
  • A pen πŸ–Šand a journal πŸ“’: you might want to jot down something and your phone ran out of battery or you want to make a list of somethings just put them in here .
  • Snacks : Somtimes the stomach can run out of food just take along some edibles that won’t make your bag smell .
  • Brush and rolly bands : just push down some strands of hair that just want to prove stubborn 
  • An extra clothing : your clothe can get worn out or somestains can be made from some edibles and you won’t want to look messy .Just get this along with you and you can change into them in a near by restroom
  • Earphones : just to pass the time while waiting for someone or to brighten up the mood .
  • Small waterbottle : to kill that thirst . 
  • Small bag of medicine : That headache or body pain can come from anywhere just have this to kill it off .
  • Detachable  charger: this is very necessary in case you have a power bank you have relied on .
  • Powerbank : to revive your phone when it runs out of battery
  • Sweater / cardigan : To protect you from cold when the weather decides to change 

I guess if you have all this then you are good to go πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜‰ 
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