What I feel about cartoons πŸ™ˆ

Umm I have been thinking of what to post down here during the day then two ideas came in but I felt they were too long so I decided I will post them  some other time …Meanwhile , I thought of dropping something short and I want you guys to drop your comments on what you feel about it . 

Finally the idea of me talking about cartoons came up 😊. Literally at this age I still watch cartoons and am not ashamed about it since it does no harm to me . Most times when my male friends talk  about soccer , movies, games and all that I just feel πŸ˜’ and they ask me what I like watching most times apart from Korean movies 😌 then I say cartoons and they just make a long hiss and start telling me you are still a baby blah blah blah πŸ˜’ .Even my dad does the same also when he finds me watching cartoon and he changes the channel then he utters words like “I don’t know when you are going to outgrow this because they are for kids ” .

Cartoons are mainly tagged as animations in form of fictional characters to entertain kids . Yes it entertains kids but also adults . For example TOM and JERRY every body loves to watch that because it explains some differences between the mouse and the cat …every funny part of it still impacts a little knowledge in anybody .But one thing we all know is that the day TOM definitely gets hold of JERRY then the cartoon episode will end Despite the fact there is no form of language yet Fred Quimby still had his way of entertaining his audience then and till today .

Although some parents have this kinda belief that cartoons are devilish ,they make a child ‘s brain retarded ,it is also making a child act like the  devil and I wonder that is the devil animated or something πŸ™„ .Well I urge parents to help their kids while watching it and also explain anything that looks confusing to them but try hard to make the kids not get addicted to it .

Apart from entertainment some cartoons still pass scientific knowledge to children for example(you know them)… So my message this night is that cartoons are for all ages.. expect from the ones that are now rated 18 and require parental guidance like FAMILY GUY  Whether for all old or young, because it’s a means of relaxing the mind after much stress during the day. Good night everyone 

Thank you for reading ❀️

Hello, welcome to the Vineyard and lets tour while I sharpen the blades of my pen through writing.

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